HHK Announces 2016 Upstate NY Super Lawyers

Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP is pleased to announce that sixteen firm attorneys have been designated as Super Lawyers in the 2016 listing of Upstate New York. 

In the firm’s Binghamton, NY office Managing Partner James W. Orband (banking), Assistant Managing Partner Jon J. Sarra (estate & probate), Partners James S. Gleason (employment & labor), Albert J. Millus, Jr. (business litigation), Katherine A. Fitzgerald (family law), Lillian L. Levy (real estate), Paul T. Sheppard (general litigation), Harvey D. Mervis (business litigation), Dawn J. Lanouette (employee litigation: defense) and Special Counsel Kenneth S. Kamlet (environmental) were all named as Super Lawyers in their respective practice areas.

Linda B. Johnson, Partner in Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP’s Albany NY office was named as an Upstate New York Super Lawyer for her practice area business litigation.

Upstate New York Rising Stars for 2016 from Hinman, Howard & Kattell’s Binghamton office include Partners Megan E. Curinga (real estate) and Tina Fernandez (general litigation), Associate Attorneys Daniel R. Norton (business litigation) and Alex D. Racketa (tax) and Special Counsel Brent M. Whiting (workers compensation).

orband.jpg John_Sarra_web_ready.jpg Gleason_Jim_web_ready.jpg Millus.jpg KAF.jpg l-levy.jpg sheppard.jpg DawnLanouette.jpg Kenneth_Kamlet_web_ready.jpg Linda B. Johnson Curinga.jpg fernandez.jpg Norton_Daniel_web-ready.jpg  Racketa-web-ready.jpg Whiting.jpg


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