Changes to New York State’s Unemployment Insurance Law for Employers

In order to streamline the process for collecting information and paying benefits and to address the unemployment insurance shortfall, there are several changes to unemployment that went into effect in the past few months.

The Department of Labor has updated the form Employers must give to employees leaving employment for any reason.  The Record of Employment must include the employer’s name and New York State Employer Registration Number, the Employer’s address where payroll records and kept, and contain a statement instructing the employee to give the information on the form to the Unemployment Insurance Claims Center.  To aid employers, the Department of Labor has a form on its website that may be printed and filled out:

Employers should also be aware that a failure to respond timely to the Department of Labor’s request for information from the employer may result in penalties.  Further, an employer will be responsible for an overpayment of benefits due to the failure to respond within ten days, unless the employer qualifies for an exception.

Other changes affect employees who are paid severance and those collecting a pension.  There are also changes to the unemployment insurance rates.  The Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet is available here:

Article written by Dawn J. Lanouette, Esq. For more information, contact Ms. Lanouette at (607) 231-6917 or via email at

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