Associate Michael Keenan’s Work Cited in American Business Law Journal

An article that HH&K Associate Michael Keenan wrote while in law school was cited in a scholarly article published in the Fall 2015 edition of the American Business Law Journal.  Michael’s article, Too Much of a Good Thing: How Overpopulation, Overconsumption, and Failing Distributive Justice Programs are Imperiling Mankind, was published in the Villanova Environmental Law Journal in 2013 and examines ways that government aid programs could be improved to more effectively and more efficiently deliver vital natural resources to impoverished populations around the world. 

In the American Business Law Journal, University of Connecticut Professor Robert C. Bird and Pennsylvania State University Professor Daniel R. Cahoy cite Michael’s work in their article titled Human Rights, Technology, and Food: Coordinating Access and Innovation for 2050 and Beyond, which examines the conflict between food technology patents and global hunger. 

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